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“The time, I decided to make a strategic career move to Regulatory Affairs, I was still working as a scientist in early discovery and pre-clinical research at Novartis, Basel, Switzerland. Clearly, the first step for me to enter Regulatory Affairs was, to acquire specific know how in this field. I registered to the EUCRAF “Postgraduate Master Program for the Master in Regulatory Affairs for Biopharmaceuticals”. The program is very flexibly structured (allowing studying and working in parallel) and provides up- to-date, in depth know-how in all areas of Regulatory Affairs today. I have great co-students (full course), which I consider as a good chance for inter-student exchange in terms of entering Regulatory Affairs, as people come from different professional areas, which makes every seminar interesting, too. EUCRAF, Dr. Gabriele Dallmann, brought the experts on the table in each seminar. I used this opportunity to make new contacts, to net-work and to get in touch with the speakers, to introduce them to my career perspectives. When time was right, during my application process for a position in Regulatory Affairs, the position I have now @ MERCK, being part of the EUCRAF program had a positive impact and Dr. Dallmann did not hesitate to provide feedback about me. I am thankful for that and I look forward to complete my program with my master thesis”.

Michaela Nahler, MERCK KGaA, Senior Global Regulatory Affairs Labeling Manager

EUCRAF Full Course Student 2012/2013

"I attended EUCRAF master course in 2011-2012. I found the course online and made a call asking for information. As it turned out, calling Dr. Dallmann, the EUCRAF study director, was one of the most important decision I've made. My career was at the cross road and I had many reservations about moving into industry from a scientific background. Dr. Dallmann gave me sound career advice and encouragement during the hour long conversation.

The course has exceeded my expectation in the quality of content (many real life case studies), the broad experience of speakers and their willingness to share, and lively discussions during and after lectures. The course was quite compact but still left opportunities (through social events) for networking. Keeping the class size small forges a close friendship among students which I am hoping to keep for a life-time. I believe these are what make EUCRAF standing out among other similar courses. I am particularly grateful for Dr. Dallmann's dedication to the program and students, and her guidance. Upon finishing the course, I found my current position with Biotest through the EUCRAF. The knowledge I learned in the course prepared me well for the daily challenge in the regulatory field. I really enjoy working a regulatory affairs profession."

Ching Li, Biotest AG, Junior Manager at CRA Development

EUCRAF Full Course Student 2011/2012

“Since my aim is to build a successful career in innovative drug development, I decided to pursue further top-notch education in clinical research and regulatory sciences. I was introduced to the EUCRAF Master Course as one of the best ways to achieve the career goals that I have set for myself. In the end, I got much more than I expected.

Being a full time project manager, I was first concerned with how to maintain a proper balance between work, study and life. There is no doubt that the seminars require considerable commitment of time and effort, but it has definitely been rewarding. Moreover, with the remarkable guidance from the study director and instructors, I have always felt assured and supported with my study plans. Those carefully chosen instructors, who are very knowledgeable and friendly, brought years of work experience to the course in a practical and interactive setting. Apart from that, numerous activities and events are professionally organized throughout the course, creating a platform for social interaction, cross-cultural dialogue and networking.

In my opinion, taking this course will enable you to increase your knowledge, skills and confidence, and therefore your employability while making new friends and enjoying your time. With the proactive, unpretentious intellectual environment and clear sense of communication during the whole course, you will have a very fulfilling experience at EUCRAF. In business terms, you will certainly see a return on your investments of time and money! “

Mohamed Abou-El-Enein, Project Manager, Clinical Development & Regulatory Affairs, Berlin-Brandenburg Center for Regenerative Therapies (BCRT), Charité University Medicine Berlin

EUCRAF Full Course Student 2012/2013

27.05.2013, Berlin

"I am very glad to have the opportunity to share my experience with EUCRAF when taking the master course.

I didn’t know what to expect before the course started, was not sure how the seminars/speakers would be, worried about the home work, and the exam!

After taking the first seminar, I was looking forward to the next one, and the one after till the last seminar.

I was inspired by the speakers invited to the seminars, who have the broad range of knowledge/expertise, the in-depth understanding of the regulations/guidelines, and the enthusiasm/passion to this profession. And they made very good presentation.

I also enjoyed the case studies, the exams, and the home work, which was well designed, helped us to think deeper about what we learned, and to apply what we learned.

On top of these is the sharing with and learning from each other at the master course, building the network for future carer development.

Below is, of course not limited to, my take home message:

Read and understand the regulations/guidelines

Apply scientific thinking

Keep good communication

Take systematic approach

At the end, I would like to, sincerely, thank EUCRAF, thank Dr. Gabriele Dallmann and all the staffs, and thank all speakers.

Xiaobiao Li, Dir. CMC & Regulatory Strategy Management, Global Regulatory Science (China, Bristol-Myers Squibb (China) Investment Co., Ltd.

EUCRAF Full Course Student 2010/2011

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